Take the plunge at Boonsung Wreck

When people come to Khao Lak they often think of liveaboards and day trips to the Similan and Surin Islands. But, did you know there’s somewhere much closer and just as much fun to dive? And you don’t even need … Continued

Richelieu Rock Diving: best dive site in Thailand

Big Discounts on Richelieu Rock Diving this month! In the Andaman Sea, in the far northern Similan Islands and just below the Burmese border, lies Richelieu Rock. One of the top sites in Thailand, Richelieu Rock diving is some of … Continued

It’s all glowing on on our liveaboard night dives

Night diving on the Mariner -it’s always fun, even if you might be a little scared to begin with. Alex, our Divemaster mentor explains some of the things you might see nightdivng in the Similans.

Raja Ampat Diving: an Epic Adventure!

Raja Ampat is a unique area of extraordinary beauty and diversity, offering some of the best scuba diving in Indonesia. Read on for a firsthand account, by one of our past customers, of a three-day Raja Ampat Liveaboard, with sightings … Continued

Scuba Poetry

It’s undeniable, there is clearly something poetic about scuba diving. When a diver finds themselves submerged in a weightless, silent world, completely intertwined in the natural beauty that surrounds them, it brings a feeling of tranquility that is hard to … Continued