Welcome to Wicked Diving

Wicked Diving is not your ordinary dive center. We fiercely believe in making a positive impact each day…from the ecologically friendly products used on our boats & shops to the community based training programs we undertake. We were the first dive center in both Thailand and Indonesia to have a responsible tourism policy and we continue to pioneer socially responsible action in the tourism industry.

Founded in 2006 by two dive instructors with 4 sets of equipment – we now have locations in Thailand and Indonesia and our boats sail through the Similan & Surin Islands in Thailand and Komodo National Park in Indonesia. We also spend part of every year exploring new locations and doing expeditions – this year undertaking an Amazing 2000km journey from Raja Ampat to Komodo

We don’t do special “beach clean-up days”. Every day is a beach clean-up for us. We always maintain a “no impact” dive ethic, preserving our dive sites for all future scuba divers. You will never see gloves on our divers, fish-feeding is also discouraged and we even have safety equipment of European Standards. Our goal is to work within our local communities to create a stewardship of the seas. Wicked diving is the first Sea Shepherd Dive center in Thailand and Indonesia. Finally – we are not into the “macho” diving thing – we like fish and would rather spend a longer time underwater than go deeper. This is about your experience!