My Second Home

Engel Tani, writes about how your booking changed his life and future!


I used to be a businessman, even though my business wasn’t so great. I used to have 4 employees who work to help me run it. My business that I lived for, fell through and went bankrupt, I am in debt. My life is getting messed up and I’m losing everything,

Engel Tani

As if my life had no direction.

I tried to find a job

Starting from working as a dive package seller from a diving company that was recently opened in Labuan Bajo, without wages because it was promised to be given free courses, become a motorcycle taxi driver … I have done it all

Until one day, the company where I worked was closed by the owner, because he had a project abroad.

I applied at 7 dive centers and 5 restaurants in Labuan Bajo, but none of them had vacancies for me.

Until one day I opened my Facebook, I happened to see a post on a friend’s Facebook. He shared photos and a post from Wicked Diving, with their train

ing program of The Wicked Good Foundation.

I tried my luck and sent a short message to the Wicked Good facebook page. My message was immediately answered! I got myself a meeting.

The time and day of the meeting has arrived, I still remember, it was Wednesday 10 am and I was one hour late from the specified time.

Me: “Excuse me ma’am, I want to meet Ms Icha”

Icha, Marta Muslin: “oh you were the same yesterday, do you know how much time I spend just waiting for you!? You should be able to be a little on time.”
She is the mother of Wicked Good. She made the dreams of some people of Flores become real.

Proud to be acquainted with her, I thought.

My Wicked Dream

After numerous interviews I got accepted.

From all the program options that I heard I was very interested in becoming a diver, so I could work as a dive guide. I know how expensive it is to take diving courses and training? And how can I possibly pay for it?


Me: “How much the price for the course kk” I asked softly

KK Icha: “hehehehe Nana don’t think about the costs, everything is free”

Just imagine how happy I was at that time.

After a few weeks of studying and waiting I was introduced to a young man, Savri Mozart is his name. I was very surprised that he was the person who would  teach me my first two diving certificates.

Being 19 years old, he is the youngest Instructor of Indonesia and also a Wicked Good Graduate.


And I realize that age is just a number, I want to be like him now.

I was taught so many things! First the open water diver course with Savri. I also learned how to be a tourist guide around the Flores Island, I was taught Marketing and Sales, and guest communications.

Wicked Good Foundation
NGO Wicked Good Foundation

Feeling to have a second home

After completing the advance course I spend more and more time on the boat. I learned everything! I gained knowledge about boats, the role of a dive guide. I learned first hand how to read currents and how to draw topographic maps of dive sites.
I didn’t feel that I had been through the course for almost 5 months already. I was so happy!

It was time for me to continue my training. Next stage EFR, RESCUE and DIVE MASTER. I got a new teacher, his name is Clement Berard. He is a patient mentor, very patient and very understanding of the limitations that I have.

With my not so good English, I felt pessimistic that I could finish the course well. But really not, Mr. Clement made my course very easy. He tried and changed words that I didn’t understand to be as easy as possible for me to learn.

One night on the boat, Mr. Clement asked if I was ready to undergo a written examination. I had been studying for months! “I nodded that I was ready.” And I passed
Clement: “Your courses and examinations have been completed, but remember, the real test is when you go through your work and profession as a future dive master
Me: “Thank you so much sir”

I hugged him and shortly afterwards the dive crew arrived and congratulated me. Then all of the guests also came to congratulate me.


A Wicked Future

When the trip returned to the harbor. I went to meet the big boss Mr Ricky. He asked me about the course and about what I learned on board. He already knew that I had finished my course last night, and congratulated me.
Me: “Thank you Sir.” I nearly left, but he called me back.

Mr Ricky: “Now that your course is finished, what’s your plan for the future? Do you have plans to work?

Hearing the question I sat back and answered

“Sir, Wicked Diving is like a second home for me, if I could choose I want to stay and take longer shelter in this company.” He smiled.

I am so proud to get the opportunity to work with a company as big as Wicked Diving. I need a lot of experience from this company. And want to learn from the people around Wicked Diving. They give me the opportunity to change my life!

Later that night, I arrived at the terrace of Kaka Icha’s house. I was greeted with congratulations,

“hey there is a new dive master! congratulations yeah, proud of you brother she said.”
I shook her hand and said thank you very much, you have allowed me to take this program.

Kaka Icha has chosen, guided, educated and produced around 30 dive masters, All, who came from different villages on the island of Flores and were educated and taught through the Wicked Good program that she leads.

With the programs they have, they have helped many Flores people, who have dreams to work as dive masters. They prepare, teach, and guide local people in a very extraordinary way,

I really feel the results, now I have become a dive master thanks to the guidance and upbringing of “Wicked Diving through the WICKED GOOD program”

Wicked diving does not only take advantage of the Flores Island that we love, they also care about local people who want to improve their lives.

Born to be free, born to be me

This all took place one year ago, Wicked diving is my second home and several alumni of the Wicked Good Foundation program



Thank you also for all guests who have chosen to dive together, thanks to your 2% I have a new future. You have changed my life!

I am proud to be part of a big Wicked Diving family

Want to make a difference? Book your holiday now, and 2% will go towards the training of our future diveguides.