My steps to a bright future-Wicked Good

By this blog I would like to share my experience since I was just a little kid, till I meet wicked adventures, wicked diving, wicked good, and become a dive guide. My steps to a bright future!
My name is Klaudius J. Dia Sano, some friends call me Jo. I was born from the local family. my parents is a farmer. They work at the rice field, cacao field, cloves, coffee,etc. 
I was born as the first kids of my parents, I have 3 brothers and one sister. I started to go to the elementary school when I was seven years old. On that time I act not only a student, but when I got back from school I have to help my parents in the field. I spent six years in an elementary school, my parents teach me how to study and to become a smart person, also be a very polite person.
I was very thankful to god because has given me very good parents, and lucky six years in the school I was one of the best graduated.
As I told you my parents is only a farmer, it was not an easy thing to take me to the junior high school, but because they want me to continue my education for 3 years, they forced themselves to work hard for me, my brothers and sister because they also have to go to school, I was very happy.
Again during the three years in the school, I was one of the best students, because I am aware that I am only son of a farmer, I have to take this chance and used it useful. I didn’t want my parents feels unsatisfied.

Going to the Big City

When I completed the study in junior high school, then it was the time that my parents and I have to decide whether I continued to the senior high school or not. And yeaahh lucky they said I could go to the next level,but not far from us at least you must live together with family.
When I heard that sentences I was not that happy cause it was not that I want. My heart said I have to come to Labuan Bajo and learning English there, but it was hard to tell them.
My mom ,as she is always supported me and kind of very close person to me ,I have told her that I have to leave them ,and I said I don’t care if you both not allowed me to go. Also my Grandmother, she was very good to me, I asked help from her to talk to my father. My father allowed me to go but there were many things that he asked me to do .
Till the day that I have to leaved my father and my cousin took me to Labuan Bajo, it was not an easy thing when I arrived in Labuan Bajo! I had to do some exams to be selected. Fortunately I passed that selection well.
I studied at the SMKN, vocational Tourism School for three years, many things that I learned, English, Japanese and German. Also there were so many subjects. During the time I was trusting myself that I can finish the education.
Three months before I finished, I went to the Komodo national park to do an internship, so I can learn more from many western people also from local guides.
I finished the national exam very well and be a good graduated, I was proud to my self, means I came and I learned. I finished and of course my parents and family were happy with me as well.

Jhogant and his biggest supporter, his Grandmother


My Wicked Good

I met Wicked Good, and had an interview by the project manager ibu Marta Muslin.
Based on our agreement that I would train to become a land tour guide, I learned for seven months. I not only learned about the tourism destinations but also improved my English, sales, and finance.
I works since 2016 and while I work, as a bonus Wicked gave me the Open Water diving course. My open water course was in December 2016. I loved it! It grew my motivation even more, to become a professional diver.
I have been working as kayaking guide for six months, to help me gain more experience, lucky as well because Wicked Adventures promised me to provide my advance and rescue diver course.
I was selected to become one of the Wicked Good dive master in training. At the same time I was hired by Wicked Adventures to be a land guide in Bali, Lombok and Flores. This gave me a chance to collect money for my own diving equipment.
I came back to Wicked Diving to continue my course for one month,and I got certified as a dive guide. Now I work for Wicked Diving, I am happy to become part of the Wicked family.
Now I got the very job, which I dreamed of as a little boy. This is what I wanted before I came to study in Labuan Bajo. By joining the Wicked Good program I became an official tour leader between FLORES-BALI-LOMBOK-JAVA ISLAND. And I became a diveguide, and now have a job doing what I love best, diving and working with people.
So thank you WICKED. For supporting my steps to a bright future!

I would like to say thank you very much to god above, my parents, grandmother and family for the support, and big thanks to the Wicked family and our guests.

The Wicked Good Foundation

Jo is working on the Wicked Diving liveaboard as a full time diveguide. He is providing for his family.
If you want to learn more about Wicked Good Foundation Please visit their website for more information and your chance to support.

One of the pillars of the WICKED diving ethical diving philosophy is that we use 2% of all our revenue to help our local communities. This has helped support several great projects over the years. Thanks to you our guest, we have been able to support an orphanage, teach kids vital swimming techniques, play games about the importance of a healthy reef at the community center and off course the internship program where we train locals to become dive-guides.
Wicked Good has until this date certified 1 Dive Instructor (Indonesia’s youngest!) twelve dive guides, five adventure guides, one office manager and has many more on the horizon.