Komodo Divemaster Course

Seize the day – become a professional diver! Join our Komodo Divemaster Course

From our Komodo Dive Center you can join in our unique internship program. You will have the opportunity to dive from our Komodo Liveaboard, do many daytrips and even join in on snorkeling tours and komodo dragon walks. All this while diving in some of the most famous and diverse dive sites in the world – around Komodo Island. From our base in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia we offer courses in small groups – never more than 4 divemaster trainees at the same time and the chance to learn more about a dive center than simply hand signals and carrying tanks!

the most intense and thorough Divemaster Course in Komodo is now accepting applicants for courses in July 2018.

Komodo Divemaster course with Wicked Diving
Quit your job and spend your days doing THIS!

Why do my Komdo Divemaster training at Wicked Diving?

  • Small groups, maximum 4 candidates per course
  • Komodo Island is one the Ten best dive sites in the world
  • Work directly with the local guides and community
  • Get experience on liveaboard diving, daytrips and local dives
  • Throughout 2018 – spend one week at our own Turtle Conservation camp
  • Scheduled lectures on dive theory
  • Work with and train in the local communities
  • Make a difference – 10% of your fee goes towards the training of local dive guides
  • Not a course for “party people” only aspiring pro’s need apply
  • 6+ Weeks long
  • It’s not just a course, you will be part of the team!

Wicked Diving’s Komodo Divemaster training program will bring you experience, knowledge and skills that allow you to work as a professional diver anywhere in the world. All of this AND you still join several of our Komodo liveaboard tours. With these trips you will have the opportunity to see and dive with an incredible variety of marine life – this is the “Coral Triangle” – the richest concentration of corals in the world and experience some incredible in-water excitement. Komodo is a place for serious divers, not just relaxing underwater. If you have questions – why not write directly to Pit, who will be helping coordinate your course.

Our Komodo Divemaster schedule for 2017:

July 1, 2017 – Full
August 16, 2017 – Full
October 1, 2017 – Full

2018 Komodo Divemaster Schedule

April 1, 2018 – Full
May 15, 2018 – Full
July 1, 2018 – 4 spaces available
August 15, 2018 – 3 spaces available
September 29, 2018 – 4 spaces available

To see for yourself what the course is like – check out this video by our some recent Komodo Divemaster Trainee’s.

Or watch below to see some of our community activities as we visit the Turtle Conservation Center

What's Included

  • Minimum of 40 dives
  • Gain experience on our Komodo Liveaboard
  • Day trips to Komodo and area on our daytrip boat
  • Free Airport Transfer
  • Free accommodation
  • Free Wireless Internet at our dive center
  • Active involvement in our Ecological and/or community projects
  • 15% discount on all equipment purchases
  • Further Liveaboards trips for discounted rates

Not included are the Divemaster study materials and use of dive equipment. Transit to and from Labuan Bajo is not provided, but we can arrange those for you. Meals are provided while on the liveaboards and daytrip boats but not while on land.

Safety and Medical Info

We try to assure the comfort of all our guests equally. If you have dietary restrictions – we must be notified of this before your arrival. Due to our remoteness, the activities we undertake and, most importantly, the well-being of our guests – we have strict policies regarding health and safety on our Divemaster courses. Please learn more about these

Prerequisites/Experience Required

  • Be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Be certified as a Rescue Diver
  • Have logged a minimum of 40 open water dives prior to entry into PADI Divemaster training, and completed and logged a minimum of 60 open water dives with experience in search & recovery, night, deep and navigation prior to certification as a PADI Divemaster
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be in good physical condition for diving and submit a medical exam form signed by a physician.


This course is not intended for those seeking luxury or pampering. Living in Labuan Bajo is a rich, rewarding experience. You will be immersed in the culture of this part of Indonesia from dawn till dusk. Where we live is charming to some and not so appealing to others. It is not a rich town and very few extra amenities are to be found outside the hotels. Each candidate for our course MUST be prepared to live and enjoy third world living. Hot showers, air-conditioning and wifi in rooms are the exception, not the rule. Schedules and plans are all very fluid here…you can not expect everything to function like it does in the west, or even in places like Thailand, Mexico or Egypt. On the other hand – the scenery is pristine, the people are not jaded and the adventures here are rewarding and create memories to last a lifetime. Not to mention the diving is so very, very good. We have encountered everything from Dugongs to huge schools of rays, dozens of Mantas, Sharks of every description, Humpback whales and more. This is before large scale tourism has occurred, this is before package holiday tourists come in big numbers and before the Starbucks opens.