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You’ve seen them when you go diving – looking professional, confident, and ready to handle anything that comes at them. They’ve helped train you in your dive courses. You had this guide who pointed out little ways to make your diving better. It was a divemaster who found you the most amazing things imaginable underwater. You’ve seen their skills and how they make everything look so smooth, and wondered, “How do I get to be like them?”


Many places can give you just the training, but at Wicked Diving, our goal is to take your Divemaster training to a higher level.

So what is the Divemaster Training in Komodo?

Three areas set us apart.


Lots of Diving

Our six week course includes three liveaboard trips, each with ten dives in Komodo National Park. You get to learn how to be a guide in Komodo National Park, one of the best dive destinations in the World. Do we need to say more..?

Komodo is known for it’s currents. We will teach you how to not only dive these underwater roller coasters, but how to guide them, have control and show a good time.

Two Internationals trainees consult Indonesian Trainee
Divemaster Training supports Local Training

Lots of training dives will be on a chartered dive boat that is solely for your class’ training needs.

  • Need a shallow sandy area for a search? Done.
  • Need a place to practice rescues and exits? Got it.
  • How about that special dive spot to work on the mapping project? We’ll go right to it.


Plus, with around 60 dives in the six week course, we even get to dive just for the pure fun and experience of it…


Community and Environmental mission

Through our partner, Wicked Good Foundation, our DM trainees get to spend time giving back in several ways.

We participate in local environmental projects such as artificial reef construction, beach clean-ups, and tracking megafauna species like manta rays and sharks for scientific research.

You visit local schools to share the underwater world, practice English, and teach about your home country.

You will dive alongside local Indonesian interns, who are training for careers in diving. From teaching kids to swim and snorkel, trying diving the first time, or working to become dive guides themselves. The warm and fun-loving local Indonesians are a big part of your DM training. It’s a wonderful experience to help improve their lives while making friends and learning from them at the same time.

DMT helping DM Mentor in First aid scenario
Professional First Aid Training

Serious, professional training

Teaching your program is Wicked Divings’ dedicated Divemaster Mentor, a very experienced, high-level instructor with tons of experience diving around the world. We have trained lots (and lots,) of DMs. This is not a six-week internship where you haul tanks and clean boats. It is six full weeks of Divemaster training plus plenty of extra opportunities for knowledge and skills, well beyond the regular course. We take your training serious, this course is not for those looking to stay out all night and sunbathe all day.

Wicked Difference

So here’s the Wicked Difference – the highest level of training, lots and lots of diving, plus environmental and community involvement. This is what makes the Wicked Diving Divemaster program so special.

By joining Wicked Diving for your Divemaster Course you will support the local community. 10% goes directly to our Wicked Good Foundation to train local Diveguides.


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International Divemaster Trainees watching sunset
Divemaster Training 2019 filling up fast

Do you want to become a Wicked Divemaster in Komodo? Sign up now! Our Divemaster Program is popular, who would not want to do their training with a highly skilled Mentor, while diving among manta’s and sharks and eating with the locals?!
Since we cater for small groups of a maximum of four students per course, the spots are filling up fast. Please contact indobookings@wickeddiving.com to secure your experience of a lifetime.

This is the Indonesia experience!