First Manta of the Season


Our new season has started on the 1st of March 2019, which means we have to work again. This is a blog by our local diveguide Jhogan about his experience during the first trip of the season. Jhogan is from Flores, one of his favorite things to do besides diving is   visiting his family near the famous Wea Rebo near Ruteng Flores

Local Diveguide Jhogan
Diveguide Jhogan tells about his first trip of the season

2 weeks before the departure date (march, 16th) all the dive staff and boat crew were working hard on preparing the shop, boat, and of course our diving equipment. We attended first aid training, did equipment inspections, went through SOP’s, ate pizza and painted the shop. You could feel the buzz of the approaching season…
Our Komodo Shalom had just came back from docking for 2 months in Sumbawa island. The boat looks more pretty and super tidy.
I can’t wait to go dive again, after two months of having surface interval”.

After we spent two weeks on prepared everything, just a day before departure all the crew worked on load the fuel, logistic, water, a last clean, and the boat was super ready.

Departure date

Early in the morning only have morning coffee, heading to the boat for equipment sizing for the guests as the guests checked in in the morning. Some of us were working in the shop filled the checkin form with the guests, and some of us work on the boat.

First trip of the season we welcome the 15 pax guests on board, Marsel as our cruise director gave much briefing about the procedure we have on boat also about the boat staff and where to find everything.

My self was a bit nervous, after long time (two months) not been on boat again, but it was just in my mind.

We had a family from USA, couple from Germany, and Danish, etc.

They were very enjoy the service from the dive crew and boat crew.

On that date we plan to make a very memorable dive. Our dive crew which has working for long time in diving industry push their self on give the very best service to the guest.



Mantas in 2 dives

On that date we plan to make four dives include two dives with manta, hopefully!

Made a first dive at Siaba Kecil, which one of the favorite dive site in the park, spend around 55 minutes under the water, and came up. All the guests gave their two thumbs up about the dive site and of course because of all the critters we encountered.

Went to manta point aka Makesser Reef for the second dive, it was only 20 minutes sail from our first place.

As our tradition as a dive guide, before the dive we must do a current check. It was my turn. So I jump in with mask snorkel and fins, and stare at the soft coral.
It was rising tide in manta point which means running from the south to the north.

I went dive with three German people, they were asking me to find sharks and manta for them. I was not guaranty them on finding that stuff, of course I was trying but this is ocean .

I was the very lucky one on that dive, we met more then 20 manta guys, and 2 white tip sharks ”what a dive“ they said.

We dove for 60 minutes, cause it was a very slow dives, my group only stayed around 5-9,7 meters. As their guide I felt very happy, met the very first manta of the 2019 season.

Also guys, our 3rd dive of the day, was in Mauan, me only went with one guest, cause the 2 of my guests prefer to stayed on the boat. Again what a dive we met 4 sharks and 1 huge black manta during our safety stop.

Spent the rest of the noon time enjoyed the sunset even it was just a few minutes, but still a sunset hehe. Having coffee and tea, we still have one more dive, a night dive.

Until the end of the tour which for date (transfer in/out date) all the guests all felt happy, The enjoyed the very prima service

Manta April 2019 Komodo
Diveguide Mersi admiring the first Manta of the season 2019-2020 in Komodo

The end of the trip

Woke up early in the morning, and did 1 dive. 1 of our guest only did snorkeling because he has to fly on that date.

After it done went for trekking on Rinca Island. Saw komodo dragon the last giant dinosaurs on the world guys.

The travel back took 2 hours, from Rinca island to Labuan bajo,

Because I have to go with one guest who will fly, we took the pegasus boat which faster the our big boat. Leave the group on Rinca and say goodbye.

The travel back was fine we enjoyed the scenery of the park.


That’s all my experience on our first Liveaboard of the season guys, hope you enjoy to read it. Am looking forward to meeting you all. Do you want to meet Jhogan live, join him on one of the Wicked Diving Komodo Liveaboards. 

thank you – Terima Kasih


Jhogan is part of the Wicked Good Foundation, he is a certified Kayak – land and water guide. He got trained because of you!
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