Tatawa Kecil

A fantastic dive site where experienced guides are required. The tidal currents can be strong here – but the site is just amazing! The diversity of species at this site can be jaw-dropping, from the pygmy seahorses to the passing sharks and Manta Rays. In the shallows and plateaus there are sightings of Dugongs!

The site can be done deep, but really there is no need. The vast schools of fish – from snapper to sweetlips make this and very impressive dive site indeed. In the shallow are some beautiful anthias gardens.

As this site is quite accessible from Labuan Bajo, our Daytrips visit at least once a week and is often part of our Budget Komodo Liveaboard trips as well.

Please note – only suitable with experienced guides. This site requires lots of local knowledge regarding tidal changes, currents and timing. Doing this site with inexperienced guides or self-guided dives here are strongly discouraged.