Crystal Rock

Located just a few hundred meters from Castle Rock there is another amazing dive site – Crystal Rock. But Crystla is exposed at low tide, so easy to see a navigational hazard to those that don’t know the area! And Technically this is just one of a series of sea mounts  that make a tiny “chain” with Castle Rock and Gili Lawa Laut.

Just like it’s famous neighbor – there can be currents and this attracts huge numbers of reef fish seeking safety which in turn attracts all of the pelagics. From the hunting sharks to the Pygmy Seahorses almost everything can be found here on just a single dive.

While it does have many different fish, this is a bit more of a coral/macro dive than nearby Castle. And if you are diving with experienced guides this is the perfect combination of “Action” dives at Castle Rock and macro dives here!

While the side you dive will depend on currents, they are all good. Look for some amazing nudibranchs and pygmy seahorses. Even the end of the dive has great life in the shallows – with crocodile fish and octopus being abundant.


Position: northwestern tip of Komodo island;Distance: 1h 20min from Labuan Bajo by day trip boat and often part of any live aboard through the north