Castle Rock

Incredible diving – massive fish numbers and even spectacular macro – this famous seamount is also home to some typical strong Komodo currents. Visited on our Daytrips and liveaboards – this is certaihe front of Castle Rock, we regularly see giant reef sharks, White-tip sharks, and schooling pelagics of all sizes. Visited on our Day trips and liveaboards – this is certainly a must!

Castle rock is also home to huge populations of reef and schooling fish. Hiding from the strong currents, these vast schools of Surgeonfish and Fusiliers cluster close the pinnacle. This attracts the big pelagics like Jacks and Trevally who will be darting in and out the whole dive, herding the schools in big bait balls and feeding on them.

This site also hosts some great macro! Pygmy seahorses, very diverse nudibranchs not to mention the shrimps, morays and more. During slack tides or in sheltered spots this is perfect for those seeking the smaller things in life ?

Due the rich waters, the constant supply of food in the currents and the location, nearly every diver comes up from Castle Rock with a big grin and a shout of joy!

Another of the Komodo dive sites prone to strong currents. It is risking your own life diving with guides who are inexperienced in the area and dive operators that take beginning divers here. Special skill and training is needed to safely guide this dive site – be safe!