The Bon Soong Wreck

The reason Bon Soong Wreck (also described as the Bangsak Wreck) is so exciting is the sheer magnitude of fish life. With very few other places to for the fish to go in the area, they all hide at the shipwreck. You will usually see 100,000 plus fish. Small fish of such amazing diversity – schools of puffers, all manner of moray eels in the nooks, lionfish by the dozen, sometimes a leopard shark lurking in the background, hundreds of shrimps and plenty more. This is a photographer’s paradise.

Situated only a few nautical miles from Cape Pakarang , the Boonsung Wreck is a perfect choice for a half a day trip or as an alternative to the sloping reefs and submerged pinnacles of the Similan islands. This old tin dredger sank around 30 years ago and is now a well established nursery for a huge variety of marine life. During the Tsunami, the dredger was split into three parts. This enlarged the dive site, making it easy to spend multiple dives slowly exploring its many nooks and crannies. The wreck lies at an average depth of between 18-20 meters, with the top of the wreck extending to around 15 meters.