Sardine Reef

Location : East of Kri Island
Photography: Wide Angle and Macro
Best Depth: 5-30m

Sardine Reef is one of the premier Dampier Strait dives and can be one of the most action-packed dives in all of Raja Ampat. Fusiliers, surgeonfish, trevally, rainbow runners, tuna, sweetlips, and bannerfish crowd the open water and swarm over a reef decorated with sea fans, soft corals, and sea orange elephant ear sponges encrusted with pastel colonies of tunicates. At Sardine it is not uncommon to hear “fish thunder”, the loud booming sound resulting from the rapid movement of large number of fish through open water.

One of the best site to see sharks hunting .. Grey reef, white tip, black tip, Wobbegong sharks. Manta ray do cruise pass Sardine if you look around. Big school of bumphead parrot fish at shallow depth.