Komodo Dive Sites: Police Point

Diving at Police Point requires the right timing in order to have an enjoyable dive as currents here can be tricky, as is often the case in Komodo. This means experienced and sensible guides who know local conditions, tides and currents. Which is why most dive centers skip this site. But this place is worth the wait… The steeply sloping reef looks like no other place in the national park. The great overhangs and crags make for incredible lighting as well!

Due to the potentially strong currents, the coral here had to adapt and grows flat instead of outwards but it is by no means any less colourful or beautiful.

Red-tooth triggerfishes and fusiliers swim in the blue against the current while you drift past, not knowing if you should look at the reef or at all the fish. Nudibranches are plentiful in among all the corals and can bring you in for a closer and closer look.

This site is not suitable for beginning divers – as we must descend along the wall. Floating down you’ll see bigger reef fish and at the rubbly bottom on the west side you most likely see sharks, big rays and sometimes Eagle rays. Ascending along the boulders and wall, you find a a massive crack, starting deep and going to nearly 7m – this deep crevice is worth an entire dive just to explore!!

The highlight of diving Police Point is its topography as the reef breaks into a steep overhang from about 15m to 35m.Here, the coral is different as you find yourself admiring sponges and soft corals. Sheltered from the current, the overhang allows you to look for small things on the wall and schools of fish in the blue, generally over 30 bat fishes.


Don’t forget to look away from the vibrant reef. Passing sharks and Manta rays are frequent visitors. But stay close, the current pick up jsut a few meters away from the dive site!

This site is easily reached from our Komodo Diving Hostel and is often part of our Komodo Liveaboard trips.

Police point – Dive tips

Diving Depths range from 5 meters all the way to 30 meters and beyond! (18-100+  Feet). With most of our time spent in the 15-25 meter Range (45-85 feet)

Currents are present and can be a hazard if not prepared for. With the service of competent and experienced dive guides – the currents simply become a fun part of this dive site!

Visibility typically runs from 15-20 meters (50-100 feet) depending on prevailing conditions.
Skill Level: Divers should be of intermediate level and above due to depths and currents.