Honeymoon Bay

Honeymoon Bay – Great Similan Night Dive


Honeymoon Bay is located to the east of Island 4. The sheltered location of the bay allows for a very easy and relaxing dive. Due to the shallow sandy areas this is a great place to conduct introductory and refresher dives, as well as the check dives. The location of the reef parallel to the islands longest sandy beach also means that it is accessible as a beach dive if you are staying on the island.

The reef is also a good night dive, although it is a popular mooring spot so be aware of overhead traffic. The reef gently slopes down to a sandy bottom of about 26 meters, and is made up of clusters of hard corals and small rocks. The current (although it tends to be mild) runs from north to south and the multiple mooring lines means that it is possible to start the dive at any chosen place.

At the northern end it is possible to see large Jenkins rays lying on the sandy bottom. Also scan the floor for garden eels. Large schools of fusiliers are often swimming around the shallower parts, as are a range of other reef fish including goat fish, butterfly fish, banner fish and cube box fish. It is also possible to see some large giant morays hiding under rocks. During a night dive the reef is a great place to search for crustaceans, including crabs and lobsters, as well as flat worms and nudibranchs.

Diving depths run from 0-25 meters (0-85 feet), though most time is spent in the shallows 5-10 meters (15-30 feet).

Currents are minimal due to location.

Visibility tends towards the murky, being this close to shore and beaches. 15 meters (55 feet) is normal.

Divers of all experience levels can dive here