Raja Ampat Dive Sites: Boo Rock

Boo Rock gets it’s name from the two swim through “eyes” in the reef. Here we were also treated to seeing schools of pinnate batfish and yellow striped grunts. Sitting at the eastern edge of Raja Ampat’s Misool region (Southern parts), the solitary islet of Boo has provided many of the iconic images of Raja Ampat.

The dive site, also known as Boo Windows, with its large underwater windows that rest just below the surface, is a a stunning array of marine life – pumping with schools of fish, covered in soft corals and fed by the rich waters.

It is not a huge dive site – one can circle it in one dive. But why? This dive site alone could occupy a whole day’s diving (or more!). Utterly scenic above the water, and jaw-dropping underwater, we simply have to pay attention to the currents to assure safety.