Beacon Reef

A reef that extends the whole eastern side of Island 8 (Koh Similan). Typical of most of the Similans – this a sloping reef running from 8 meters (25 feet) to 30 meters (100 Feet). Fields of staghorn, brain and bushy corals mark this site. You’ll certainly find moray eels, batfish, Snappers and more.
The main attraction at this site is the wreck in the middle! This was a liveaboard that sank in 2002 after a bilge malfunction. All the crew and customers escaped without injury. They tried to save the Liveaboard from sinking, by ramming the reef! Aside from pure stupidity, it also damaged the reef in the shallows and then as it sank toward the deep, it ripped the coral apart. Happily the very same company, after this shining example of brilliance, sank another Liveaboard by hitting Richelieu rock a few years later.
Beacon Reef Diving

Diving depths range from 8-30 meters (25-100 feet) with the main diving done at 15 Meters (50 feet).

Currents are light, generally helping rather than hindering.

Visibility is pretty good (unless we get thermoclines) – 20 meters (75 feet).
Beacon Reef Dive Hazards

Dive site is accessible to all levels of divers. (The only real hazard is shoddy dive operators!)