Discover Scuba

Just for the Day…that’s it… join us for a try dive. This is a perfect way to try out diving and see if you like it. After you see the beautiful underwater world we visit – you want to do more! It’s a great day out and you will get plenty of time seeing the reefs and fish (2 dives!) and we always keep the groups small, so you can enjoy your time here even more!

Your Try Dive Day is designed to get you into the water as soon and safely as possible. Remember that a try dive is not a diving course, it is purely a way to get introduced in the world of diving. You will be with one of our experienced Diving Instructors throughout the day. This is all about making YOU comfortable and relaxed. There is no pressure to pass the course – we’d rather you enjoyed your new sport than simply rush you through, so we’re happy to spend any extra time necessary making sure all students are comfortable in this new environment.

Prerequisites/Experience Required

No previous experience necessary!