Paul Landgraver

Founder and Managing Director Wicked Diving

While hitch-hiking through Central America I discovered my passion for diving,snorkeling and tropical waters. It was very cold water growing up in Oregon (that state above California) but warm water stirred something. I was in love and decided to head off to Thailand, become a diving instructor and travel the world. I seem to have gotten distracted! After working for 4 years a diving instructor in Thailand – my girlfriend and I started our own tiny dive shop.

We focused on giving back to our community and caring for the places we dive and sharing our passion for all things aquatic. This seems to have worked and Wicked Diving has been growing ever since! It has been long, eccentric and thrilling road which has no end – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

With a background in customer service (managing restaurants), diving safety (Dive Medic, Paramedic and Hyberbaric Technician) and a visceral passion for coping in chaotic situations (Gate manager for Burningman for 12 years) have all helped shape the foundation of Wicked Diving. We wanted safety and service to be core tenents of our dive shop and we have needed to cope with some very strange situations!