Raja Ampat Dive Resort – CLOSED

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Our Raja Ampat Dive Resort is located on the edge of the world famous Dampier straits on the South of Waigeo Island – the largest of the Islands in the park.

We want to thank you, all our former, and future guests! It has been great! We had lots of fun and we believe you did too. But Wicked Diving no longer operates a resort in Raja Ampat! 

Why? Well, we gave it our best shot! We tried, but our 10+ years of running dive centers and Liveaboards gave us a very different experience…we know boats! But a very different skill set is needed to run a resort…and run it well! We simply don’t have those skills (yet). It’s better to step back from the resort than to offer quality and service below our standards.

Instead, we are focusing on what we do best – amazing dive shops and boats. We think you will find our re-focus all that much more beneficial and our service will be even better.

Please look towards our Komodo Dive Center, our Similan Islands Liveaboards and our special Expeditions



The below is only left here for historical purposes…please do not try to book!!!

This is a vast area of the equatorial Pacific Ocean known as the Coral Triangle which holds the title for being the heart of the world’s greatest coral reef biodiversity – including 75 percent of all known coral species on Earth.

We are located just a short drive south of Waisai (Capital of the Raja Ampat Regency, located on the island of Waigeo).

We are right in the heart of Dampier Strait only ever a few minutes away of the most famous dive sites of Raja Ampat.

Here, you will find a different pace of life. Snorkel along our amazing house reef. Just relax in the hammock with lots of peace and quiet! Watch sunset from our jetty as the baby sharks feed beneath you. A pristine paradise!


What to do in Raja Ampat Dive Resort – CLOSED


Amazing diving daytrips
Chilling in our hammocks

Day Trips

The resort is located in an ideal position within the Raja Ampat marine park. From the resort we can reach many incredible dive spots of Raja Ampat, for example Mioskon, an island populated with millions of bats, which offers an incredible spectacle under water: hundreds of sweet lips swim between big sea feathers, on the sea floor you can see wobbegong sharks hidden in the shadow of corals and giant clams. Further afield, Mike’s Point, a more than 40 meter deep wall, where you can find big fish. Finally is the famous Manta cleaning station at Manta Sandy.

We offer 3 dives per day with guides, tanks, weight belts included.

We offer equipment rental at reasonable rates. Our prices do not reflect the National Park fee which can be obtained in Sorong, upon arrival in Waisai or through the dive staff – and is valid for one year.

Contact us to learn more about our trips and staying at the resort

Where to Stay

We have 8 huge bungalows, 4 of which have twin beds. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms, fans patio area and hammock.

We have a restaurant serving all meals. Our jetty is the perfect location for sunrise, sunset and snorkeling. At the resort, it’s not about making as many dives as possible. It’s about making new friends. With only 16 guests maximum, the sense of community is strong. We eat together, we dive together. Spend your evening under the stars on the jetty talking about the amazing things you saw today.

Due to high demand, we recommend booking more than two months in advance

Getting There

Waisai is the hub of transport for Raja Ampat. Sorong is the capital of Papua Barat and the main airport. There are 2 large ferries that connect Waisai with Sorong. These take approx. 2 hours. The one departing at 14:00 each day is reliable, through it will depart a bit early if full, this one has both a common seating area and a VIP section. Tickets are between $12 and $25 per person and can be bought day of departure. The boat is usually full during major holidays.

At this time the Ferry Departs Sorong to Waisai Every day at 14:00 (2:00 pm). There is also a departure from Sorong to Waisai every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 09:00 (9:00am).

Waisai to Sorong departure is Everyday – EXCEPT Saturday – at 14:00 (2:00pm). Waisai to Sorong on saturday is 11:00. There is also a Waisai to Sorong departure every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 09:00 (9:00am).

Please be aware that times and schedules change frequently an without warning. It is STRONGLY recommended to have travel insurance that covers such changes…just in case.

Sorong (SOQ airport code) Is the main airport to which travelers arrive to the region. There are many flights a day. While it is not suggested to book with the agents suggested thereon – it is the perfect site for finding approx. schedules – Skyscanner

Garuda is the only airline where one can book and pay with international credit card and has an attractive sports allowance for dive gear.