Khao Sok

This is one of Thailand’s most amazing experiences, whether you are a nature lover or not. While it is only a 1 hour drive East of Khao Lak, it is very undeveloped and such an exciting place to visit. The park is very spectacular with dripping thick native verdant rainforest, punctuated by towering outcrops of limestone cliffs or karsts, waterfalls and sparkling streams, an island studded lake, several caves, and many trails, mostly along rivers. The heart of Khao Sok Natonal Park is the Chiaw Lan Dam (also known as the Ratchaprapha Dam) which was constructed across the Paseang river. This Chiaw Lan Lake occupies some 165 sq km and the vast area of water is actually retained by several small dams and the surrounding rock formations are overgrown with dense lush jungle.

Best Time to Visit

Khao Sok is best visited during the “dry” months of January through March. It is a rainforest and you should expect rain on any given day.


The last 60 million years has seen the evolution of an evergreen tropical forest that is now older and more diverse than the Amazon. The National Park was established in 1980 by royal decree. Since then the area has gained more and more notoriety yet still retains it’s wild charms. The reservoir was completed in 1987 and the lake is now considered one of the most beautiful places in Thailand


The weather is influence by monsoon winds from both the Indian and Pacific Ocean with rain beginning in late April until late December. Heaviest rain is during May to November. Rains tend to fall each day, though they rarely last for more than a few minutes. 

What to do in Khao Sok


  • Jungle trekking: Exploring this pristine rainforest is very rewarding
  • Kayaking: The remote corners of the reservoir hold incredible animal life
  • Diving: The submerged forests and villages make for an eerie and unique experience
  • Bird Watching: One of the highest concentrations of bird life in Thailand awaits

Where to Stay

Khao Sok is divided into two areas – the Western Park entrance (on land) and the lake. On land there are several different places to stay, among the most famous are several very high quality treehouses. On the lake there are floating houses owned by local families as well as a few luxury houses.

Getting There

Located near the main highway across Southern Thailand – there are many options for getting to Khao Sok.

  • Local Buses: Schedules are only theoretical but they are cheap
  • Minibuses: Slightly more expensive and a LOT faster
  • Private Taxis: more expensive, but safer