Raja Ampat Liveaboard

7 Days wandering through the heart of the Coral Triangle – Raja Ampat: 2,500 islands and reefs, 1,320 fish species, 550 coral species and all that is yet to be discovered!!! It can not be understated – there is nothing like this in the world, there is no denser population of marine life, nor longer living reefs. All that on board our Raja Ampat Liveaboard – plus some of the best food around, fun staff and the only ethically operated dive boat in the region – you can’t go wrong.

The traditional Phinisi Raja Ampat Liveaboard takes only 14 guests per trip and we never have more than 4 divers per guide, meaning you get a very intimate journey through one of the most unusual places on earth. Aboard this schooner, life between the dives, life is good and the pace is relaxed and comfortable. The staff are passionate about the region and it’s contagious, the crew have worked on this same boat for more than 10 years and our cook is simply top-notch.

Note for 2018 – We also offer a shorter, more affordable (but more basic) 6 day Liveaboard trip through Raja Ampat as well!!!

You can contact us with your questions or for bookings – or write to us at: info@wickeddiving.com.

This and all our trips are available as a charter for your dive group. Please contact our expedition charter department for further information, or pland@wickeddiving.com directly

About the Boat

The Jaya will be your home during these trips. This is a Phinisi sailing schooner, hand-crafted from local hardwoods like Teak and Ironwood. With her 6 jaunty sails, you cut across the remote seas in style and grace. The cabins are air-conditioned. Still, we also have satellite phone, International and local radios, life rafts, life jackets and a crew trained in emergency procedures. If you would like to read more about the Jaya…check out her page.

The budget range Liveaboard is a simple but comfortable vessel where you can ease off relaxing in a hammock or in our many beanbags laid out on the spacious upper deck. We haven’t forgotten the sun lovers either and have a part of the front available to chill in the sun or gaze stars at night. Upper deck also has one big table to enjoy family like meals. All the meals are freshly prepared for you to enjoy mixing western and local cuisine. Upper deck is a beautiful open space to feel the sea breeze and marvel the open seas and the many islands we pass – designed totally around backpacker budget.


Safety and Medical Info

Please understand that this a very remote location and the medical facilities are limited. Prior to arrival we need any and all medical questions and concerns addressed and remedied. If you do not heed this advice and still attempt to join a trip – our policy is to err on the side of caution and safety for all guests – we will cancel your booking and issue no refund. Neither our staff or the local “doctors” are qualified to decide whether an individual is fit to dive. We can not risk any individuals safety simply to join a diving trip.
Due to the remote nature of these trips, and the lack of medical facilities – in addition to the potentially erratic airlines – it is mandatory for all our guests to have travel insurance that covers trip cancellations AND evacuations as well as diving accidents. If you can not provide proof of insurance at time of check-in, you will be given opportunity to purchase insurance. If you choose to not do so, you are not permitted aboard the trip. No refund will be issued for lack of insurance.

With the activities we undertake and, most importantly, the well-being of our guests – we have strict policies regarding health and safety on our liveaboards.  If someone suffers from severe allergies or conditions – we must strongly urge you to re-consider your options for joining these trips. The medical facilities are minimal and evacuation to the nearest major hospital can take 12-24 hours in good conditions. Please learn more about these

Prerequisites/Experience Required

These trips are suitable for divers of beginning levels and up. However, the transit to and from Raja Ampat does require a personality more suitable towards remote locations. We do mandate that every guests have recent diving experience (less than 1 year ago) before joining the Raja Ampat Liveaboards. If not, we will require a “scuba tune-up” or refresher…believe us, the trip will be soooo much more fun!

If you have not had a dive recently, want to do a course before your trip, or simply want some more diving before/after the trips – you should consider staying at our Raja Ampat Dive Resort!

What's Included

*The Raja Ampat Liveaboard trip price includes: Transport to the Sorong Pier from Meridien Hotel – Ferry from Sorong to Waisai and return – full room and board on trip – Fresh towels and linen – tea, coffee, water and electrolytes – tanks and weights – dive guides – lots and lots of delicious food – good times, great memories and lots of fun on the Raja Ampat Liveaboard

*The trip price does not include: Pick up from other areas – use of dive equipment (this can be rented and Includes a dive computer) – soft drinks and beers – Travel Insurance – Flights – Park Fees.

Raja Ampat Liveaboard - Scenery we enjoy
Just some of the amazing things we see on our Raja Ampat Liveaboard