West of Eden

West of Eden – Great, unfrequented Similan Dive site


This site has become far more popular since it’s inclusion in a popular dive book. While it is located on Island #7, directly West of “East of Eden” it is a very distinct site.  Rather than sloping reef with fields of stag horns and all the coral reef fish  – The site is very typical of the Western Dive sites with large rocks and many nooks and crannies. Different marine life dominate these sites.

While a simple boulder site, it has some great soft corals and Sea Fans to add coral and detail. In addition are lots of nooks and crannies to find little creatures like Nudibranchs, Ghost Pipefish and even the elusive Frogfish.  This is also a site to find Red and Purple Fire Goby’s.

For the large fish fanatic – the deeper edges of this site add some thrills – Black-Tip and White-Tip Reef sharks are plentiful. Green Sea and Hawksbill Turtles are also spotted here.

In season the schools of Glassfish can make this site magical with the huge movements of millions of tiny fish. Just watching them dart back and forth in reaction to predators is an amazing site to see.

The site slopes from 5-7 meters down to 40 Meters and more. Be aware of currents and go with them. This site is suitable for Beginner to Advanced divers.