Koh Tachai

Koh Tachai – The Most exciting dive on the Similans

A fantastic site! A collection of submerged rocks which begins at 12 meters and extends beyond 35 meters to a vast sandy area. To the south of Koh Tachai island this site lies exposed to strong tidal currents which can often make the dive a rather lively if challenging one.

It is recommended that the buoy line at the south of the site be used to enable descent, as often the surface current can be stronger than at depth. Use the current to navigate around the site, staying close to the rocks and the sea bed. If necessary swim across the current rather than directly into it. Beware of downward currents. To its advantage the marine life at Tachai Plateau is varied and abundant.

In contrast to the manicured feel Richelieu Rock has to it, Koh Tachai feels ‘wilder’ with teems of schooling fish descending en mass to feed on the rich beds of corals. If the current is too strong stay on the line and watch as the Emperor Fish, Chevron and Great Barracuda, Yellow-tailed Barracuda and a variety of Trevally race around the site, while smaller fish including rainbow runners and Fusiliers zig-zag away from hunting giant Trevally, barracuda and tuna. The navigation of the site depends on the current, but work your way around the edges, and come towards the center to shallow depths.
Koh Tachai Marine Life

Groups of Snapper can be found resting on the top of ledges, Octopus can frequently be seen amongst the corals. Various types of Anemone host Clownfish around the site. Red-Banded Cleaner Shrimp work under coral ledges

Manta sightings are common and Whale Shark sightings are occasional. Frogfish, Ghost Pipefish and Juvenile Angelfish, Trumpetfish and Cube Boxfish can also be found by those with a keen eye. Work back to the mooring line for the safety stop.
Koh Tachai Diving

Depth is from 12 meters down to beyond 35 meters.
Koh Tachai Dive Hazards

It is also common to have virtually no current inside the bay but a ripping current on the outside. Experience level: while beginners can do this site, it is recommended that the diver be intermediate and above due to lack of beaches, potentially strong currents and popularity of the site.