Koh Bon Pinnacle

Koh Bon Pinnacle – One of the hidden treasures of the Similan Islands

One of the premier sites in the Similans – Koh Bon Pinnacle is a stunning site – but with depth and currents – this site is reserved for experienced

Just 200m southwest of the Koh Bon Island lays the Koh Bon Pinnacle. The pinnacle is totally submerged and since it’s starting at 18m, going straight down to 50+m and without any mooring line attached to it, often exposed to strong currents, this is definitely a dive site for the more advanced diver and we only dive the Koh Bon Pinnacle under perfect conditions.

Due to the location and the depth, these dives normally are short dives. Descending quickly, not to miss the small pinnacle, you see the top of the pinnacle falling dramatically down to its deepest parts. Swimming down you’ll see bigger reef fish and at the sandy bottom on the south side you most likely see reef sharks, big rays and sometimes Eagle rays. Coming around the pinnacle whilst ascending, you find a sand ridge, starting at 25m going from the pinnacle all the way to the Koh Bon Island more or less at the same depth the whole way.

Close to the pinnacle you might encounter resting Leopard sharks and swimming towards the island reef sharks and larger rays. If you make it to the island, you can end your dive coming up on the hard coral reef fringing the shore. And just as the Koh Bon Ridge, the Koh Bon Pinnacle is an excellent site to spot Manta Rays and, when season, also Whale Sharks

Snorkeling: Koh Bon Pinnacle is not suited for snorkeling.