Fantasy Reef

Fantasy Reef – Overused dive site still recovering

This site is off limits to diving. If you are offered this site as part of a trip, please report it directly to the National Park, as the operator is violating the terms and conditions of diving in the Similans. It is still undergoing recovery from to many divers and too much contact.

One of the most bes dive spots in the Similans, these underwater rock formations cover a huge area. The friendliest fish in the Similans hangout here, including clown trigger fish, normally a difficult fish to approach. Depths range from 15 meters down to past 40 meters, and this is one of the best dives for enjoying the grandness of huge boulders.

Diving depths range from 10-35+ meters (30-120+ feet) and most of our time is spent at 15-25 meters (45-80 feet)

Currents are actually to be expected and we dive in for a great ride!

Visibility is usually 20 meters (70 feet).

Experience levels –Advanced and beyond due to both depth and currents