Eel Garden

Eel Garden – A part of any trip to Similan Islands. With it’s great drift and plenty of great fish – this dive site is exciting without the challenges of some of the deeper sites. Look for the hundreds of Garden eels !
-Fun drift dive
-Plenty of Critters
-Morning time treats!
Eel Garden

This site is also known as Hideaway and Barracuda Point. A patch reef of mainly of Acrapora coral, interspersed with large areas of sand and a number of larger coral heads rising up from the slope. The reef is mostly sheltered which makes it less sensitive to currents.
Depths: The normal diving depth range is 6m to 25+m.
Visibility: Visibility is usually 25 meters+ however this site can experience tidal thermoclines, during which the viz can drop

What you can see: In the north of the site you will find fields of hard corals and most of the larger coral heads with a large amount of various soft corals and reef fish. The coral heads is also home for clouds of Glassfish that are ideal prey for the camouflaged Lionfish. In the sand channels, mostly in the southern part if the site, you will encounter a vast number of Spotted garden eels, swaying in the current like small fields chasing drifting food. Also in the southern end, in the shallows, you will find the carpet-like Acropora corals and also granite boulders creating small ravines and swim-throughs, which more or less mark the end of the dive site.

Eel Garden is included on the itinerary of many of our Similan Liveaboards

Experience level: This site is suitable to all levels of diver

Snorkelling: Eel Garden is a very good snorkeling site.