Donald Duck Bay

Donald Duck Bay: Donald Duck bay is not known as the most exciting of dives sites, but does feature some really great safe options for the diver and snorkeler alike. Frequent sightings of Turtles and Moray Eels make this a great site to learn more about the Similan Islands
-Beautiful sunsets
-Almost no currents

As the only West facing beach on the Similans and home to one of the only places to spend the night on the Islands, this is a popular place. Perfect for night dives and beginning dives. In addition it is also great for snorkeling.

>Donald Duck Bay also has several friendly Green Sea Turtles in residence. They will often be seen on the surface, as well as below the water. Unfortunately they have a taste for bananas and other human snacks. Not only is this unhealthy for the turtles – but it also teaches the Turtles that approaching baots is safe and rewarding. This is not true if it’s a fishing boat!!! Please avoid feeding the Turtles (or any marine animal) while visiting. They are best observed, not interefered with.

Donald Duck Bay Diving

Diving depths range from 1-20 meters (3-70 feet) and most of our time is spent at 5-15 meters (15-50 feet)

Visibility: usually 20 meters (70 feet).

Donald Duck Bay Dive Hazards

Experience level: everyone can dive this site. The perfect check dive for a liveaboard.