Deep Six

Deep Six – A very nice Boulder dive site. Exemplifying the whole West Coast of the Similan Islands with lots of huge boulders, plenty of nooks and some really exciting swim throughs and overhangs. Located just off the northern tip of Similan Island #7, and just to the South of Elephant Head Rock, this dive site is often done in the morning while on liveaboards or daytrips.
A Great Boulder Site.
Perfect Nitox Dive.

A mooring line to the west brings you down to the center of the dive site. Continue to swim north where you can find boulders which extend down to depths of 35-40 meters (and more – watch your depth!). Stay close to the rocks until you have assessed the current which tends to be stronger towards the northern tip of the dive site. White tip reef sharks can occasionally be seen in these deeper areas, as can larger rays and Kuhl’s stingrays.

Deep Six is usually part of the itinerary for our Similan Liveaboards

There are some great swim throughs around the big boulders at the center of the dive site. A large arch at around 22 – 24 meters on the western side will bring you into a maze of smaller swim-throughs lined with whip corals and sea fans. Pipefishes and crustaceans love these dark holes, and harlequin shrimp have been found sitting on the bottom of the western swim through.
Similan Dive Site: Deep-Six Marine Life

Oriental sweetlips (and even the rare Andaman Sweetlipsand larger groupers can be found under rocks and table corals. Look along the rocky bottom for mantis shrimp, octopus and sea snakes. Flabellina can be found along the outside walls of the main boulders.

There is a larger channel on the eastern side of the dive site which can also provide good shelter if there is a strong current. Leopard sharks also seem to enjoy these sheltered sandy areas. Towards the south of the dive site, the boulders spread out into larger sandy areas which runs along side of Similan Island #7 at around 10 meters. Look here for red and purple fire gobies and nudibranchs. Swim out into the blue for the safety stop or return to the mooring line as it can be difficult for the boat to collect you if you stay close to the island. This is also a good opportunity to look for cruising manta rays as well as to watch the large shoals of fusiliers.
Dive Profile: Deep-Six

Diving Depths range from 10meters all the way to 30 meters and beyond! (30-100 Feet). With most time in the 15-25 meter Range (45-85 feet)

Currents are present and can be a hazard in the cracks between the huge boulders. With the service of competent and experienced dive guides – the currents simply become a fun part of this dive site!

Visibility runs from 15-30 meters (50-100 feet) depending on prevailing conditions.
Skill Level: Deep-Six

Divers should be of intermediate level and above due to depths and currents.