Chinese Wreck


Chinese Wreck AKA Tuna boat



A few years ago, the Thai government intentionally sank this fiberglass hulled fishing boat to create a new dive site.

While a great site, it still has a few more years to go. The fiberglass of the boat hull isn’t great for growing corals, but you will find several really interesting species in and around the wreck.

The rest of the site is very typical of the middle Similan dive sites, with the sloping reef and shallow plateau.

Look for Batfish, Kuhl’s Rays around the bottom and Leopard Sharks.

As the site is quite deep (the top of the wreck lies at 30m) watch your Deco time. The nearby reef is a typical sloping reef of the region and offers many of the exciting features – Eels, Ghost Pipefish, Hard Corals and lots more.

This is really a separate site from Anita’s reef, due to the depth. At the end of the dive, though, you will be atop the same plateau as those that are doing the safety stop from Anita’s.

As there can be significant boat traffic in the area, it’s best to make sure you have a SMB and use at the end of this dive. (you should always do that, but especially here)

This site is not acceptable for Open Water divers or snorkeling, though the nearby reefs are perfect for both and are only 200 Meters away.