Beacon Reef South

Beacon Reef South – Gentle Reefs

One of our favorite dives, this reef features a steep drop-off with striking diversity of hard corals from 35 meters of depth almost all the way to the surface. This dive probably has the largest variety of healthy hard corals in the Similans, probably exceeding 300 species. One of the ugliest residents of this reef are the big eye fish that slowly cruise the reef flats. These fish have an amazing ability to change from a deep red color to a contrasting vivid silver. It almost appears as if they are changing their color to fit their mood.


Beacon Reef South Diving

Diving depths range from 8-30 meters (25-100 feet) with the main diving done at 15 Meters (50 feet).

Currents are light, generally helping rather than hindering.

Visibility is pretty good (unless we get thermoclines) – 20 meters (75 feet).

Dive site is accessible to all levels of divers.

Beacon Reef South Hazards

You can dive here over and over and see something new. The currents change constantly, and it’s not always an easy dive. But, if you have an experienced dive guide and they give a good detailed briefing, you can learn how to hide from the currents and have a very enjoyable dive.