Liveaboard Open Water Training

Join us for a great trip that will combine a liveaboard trip and the ideal way to learn diving. A great trip and lot’s of dives will guarantee that you will be a confident diver by the time you leave our boat.

*Please note: the actual training and course work sections of the Open water course will not be conducted on the liveaboard. This is both for your own safety and that of the reefs and marine life in the fragile ecosystems we operate in.

  • Initial theory and swimming pool on land
  • Several days of diving aboard our local boats
  • Small groups – relaxed pace
  • Great dives in clear warm waters with amazing marine life
  • Enjoy the beauty and sleep on our boat
  • Great atmosphere on our ecologically friendly boat
  • Delicious food and lot’s of fun
liveaboard open water training course
Combine your Open Water course and a liveaboard trip!

You instructor is very experienced and they teach all your Open Water Diver course in a relaxed, safe and fun 5 day course. You will learn all the necessary theory and waterskills to become a confident diver during the course. After completion of the course you will receive the Open Water Diver certification. As an Open Water diver you can dive anywhere in the world, to a maximum depth of 18 meters, together with a certified buddy.

Liveaboard Open Water Course combination schedule

  • On day one we will do theory and the swimming pool or on the beach. These will be exercises to get you comfortable with the gear. Learn to breathe under water as well as basic skills like swimming and floating.
  • Day two will be will finish your theory and skills.
  • The Third day is the first dives of the course in the open seas! From our customized dive boat we will visit a safe site to practice our newly learned skills with your instructor and assistants. With all the fish and coral – remember to breath!

Then we join the liveaboard. You and your instructor will then undertake a total of 8 or 9 dives on the schedule and in between the dives there is plenty of time to relax, enjoy our great food and even make a beach trip. After completion of the course, you will become certified as an internationally recognized Open Water Diver.

But since you are already on our liveaboard, we just continue diving and you will notice that these extra dives really help to increase your confidence and experience. And of course you have the chance to see more of the marine life.

If you enjoy the course, you can go a step further! There is time to undertake your Advanced course while on the liveaboard, and learn to dive to 30 meters of depth! Not only is the timing great, but we offer special discounts as well.

What's Included

*The course price includes: Pick up from your hotel  – Marine Park Fees – water and electrolytes – all dive equipment – certification fees – use of manual during the course (if course is done with SSI) – lots and lots of delicious food on diving days – good times, great memories and lots of fun! *The course price does not include: liveaboardtrip – Pick up from other areas – Open Water Manual – Marine Park Fees (depending on location)

Safety and Medical Info

We try to assure the comfort of all our guests equally. If you have dietary restrictions – we must be notified of this before your arrival. Due to our remoteness, the activities we undertake and, most importantly, the well-being of our guests – we have strict policies regarding health and safety on our Open Water Courses. Please learn more about these

Prerequisites/Experience Required

Virtually anyone who’s in good health, reasonably fit, and comfortable in the water can earn the Open Water Diver certification. At some point during your course, your PADI Instructor will ask you to demonstrate the ability to swim 200 meters. Note: you will learn on this course that you need to allow 18-24 hours to pass before flying after diving!