Deep Diver Specialty

This is your chance to go a deeper! The Similan Islands are ideal to dive in the depth range between 18 and 40 meters (60 – 130 ft). With sloping reefs and spectacular boulder dives and warm, clear waters, the deeper parts of the divesites are begging to be explored. In the Similan Deep Diver specialty course we will introduce you to the basics of deep diving. You learn to plan and execute deep dives in a safe and controlled way. For example, we teach you how to calculate your air consumption rate, so you know how much air you have to bring down with you. We go over deep diving equipment, the potential hazards and dive planning.

The Similan Islands are perfect to dive a bit deeper
Course can be done in combination with liveaboard or daytrips
The course can be done with SSI or PADI