5 Day video course

Course no longer offered - underwater video course
That’s our boat – we are diving the lava flow!!! How cool is that?

Please accept our apologies. We are currently not offering this course. We may do so again in the near future. And if you ask REALLY nicely, we may even be able to find a substitute course for you…..however we do have many other great courses and trip for the intrepid traveller and diver to choose from.


Please look through our Advanced Training Courses or even, if you dare, the Professional Training we offer.

And heck – if you wanted to do video, why not jump on of our amazing expeditions and experience some amazing things? Snorkeling with Orcas? Walking with Dragons? Drifting with Mantas? All of this on our pirate ship looking schooner. We ply the waters of remote Indonesia.

And you should too.




When we do offer this course again:

It is one of the most unique and amazing opportunities for underwater video courses – anywhere! 5 intense days of training. 2 days of orientation, training on our equipment, lectures and hands-on training with our skilled staff. Only 2 students per course – so you will get that that personal attention. Then join us for a liveaboard

Learn to take professional footage while diving with Manta Rays and Whale Sharks! The warm tropical waters make for some incredible scenery as do the hundreds of species of marine life we encounter. Combine the detailed training we offer with these incredible journeys and you will have not only learned how to make movies underwater but also produced several of your own incredible films – for your memories or for the first step on a new career!

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Over the 5 day expect to have a minimum of 10 dives, as well as use of our equipment, personal tutoring, hands-on training with both the cameras and computers that we use on a professional level. Don’t forget that we also will be joining a Liveaboard!
Video Training – Day One

A basic introduction to filmmaking

Make a short movie on land to be edited to music. Become familiar with the camera you will be using, its functions and settings, filming techniques, style and story planning.

You will Film a sequence around the small resort town, whether a beach scene, jungles or possibly even poolside at your resort with the family.

The afternoon will be spent learn how to edit your short movie to music, become familiar with the editing software and story making.

We will then plan and discuss the next days underwater film shoot. Including a shot sequence and rough storyboard, we can view previous examples for you to get an idea and inspiration. But it will ultimately be your movie and your choice of how you want it to look!
Video Course – Day Two

You will join the instructor on a local dive trip aboard our custom longtail. These dive sites are great for Macro (close-up images). You will get a bit of a refresher on the video camera & underwater housing usage, go over the planned shot sequences and best methods for entering and exiting the water.

Dive one is spent orienting to the equipment and buoyancy as well as best practices for shooting footage. Your Video Mentor will be at your side the whole time offering advice and guidance.

Lunch is served on the boat. Time to review some of the footage, go through the various angles and shots you made. Emphasizing the ways to improve composition and details. Then into the water for another dive!

the afternoon will be back in the editing suites to cover the footage, get more into the editing and storyboarding. Again, your Video Mentor will be at your side walking you through the stages of production.
Underwater Video Training – Day Three, Four, Five

Now it’s time to pull all the pieces together! After the first two days of training, practice and guidance you are now ready to join a trip to one of the most amazing dive sites
The course is designed so by day three when you depart for your liveaboard trip you are already familiar with the camera, housing and editing software. Putting you in the great position to make the most of your time in the water, camera in hand above and below the water/ free to shoot, experiment learn and enjoy!

Just a few of the topics Covered:

• Shooting wide angle
• Stationary subjects
• Shooting fish – the moving subject
• Shooting divers
• The moving camera – pans, tilts, swimovers
• Shooting macro
• Shooting with Ambient light
• Shot sequencing – how to get what you need in the editing suite
• White Balance & Exposure
• Minimum Impact Diving/ ECO Shooters
• Buoyancy Control and diving techniques
• Equipment selection and configuration

Students should have recommended min 25 – 50 dives for extended course or internships

We also strongly recommend bringing an external hard drive and usb flash drive (minimum 4 gig) with you so you can take your raw footage home as well as the 3 movies you make on the course.