Raja Ampat with Wicked was… well… Wicked!

Apologies for the cheesy title.

We did the Raja Ampat liveaboard with friends (largely from a Dive club in Brisbane) recently. It blew our minds! I’ll talk about the staff/boat first, then diving nearer the bottom for those interested.

The Boat/Trip/Staff:

Yes… Raja Ampat is mindblowing. But the staff were so outstanding that I must speak to the service they offered (despite the fact that any trip to Raja Ampat is a trip of a lifetime).

The staff were not only helpful, friendly, accommodating and generally amazing. But they were knowledgeable, responsible, professional, made great choices and were excellent at problem solving (for big and small issues). The confidence we have in them cannot be expressed easily.

The boat was fantastic. Comfortable, unique, and memorable! They kept it clean (not an easy task) and in great order. We had a engine troubles once but (it’s a liveaboard… it happens)… it didn’t matter… the staff made sure we had places to dive, food to enjoy and fun to have! We hardly noticed!

The food was exceptional! …I still miss it. Plentiful, well timed, and absolutely delicious! Talented chef!


The diving service was fantastic and the staff had were amazing.

Gear was in great shape and they were well prepared for all needs (backups, etc).

Given Wicked is relatively new to the Raja scene – some dives were unpredictable and the staff managed it all wonderfully (even one particularly hairy dive in which the currents changed dramatically on us). They know their stuff, they know the sea, they got to know us as divers, and they worked well as a team (including the non-dive staff).


If i were to sum up the staff in a few words they would include: Close, warm, professional, mindful, experienced, fun, and FULL of personality!

This is a great money-for-value trip and I’d go back in a second! They will be our first port of call if we ever get to the other destinations they sail!

— J&J

5 of 5 starsReviewed 14 March 2014

Visited January 2014