Photo Gallery

We have been to amazing places and experienced some incredible things. Here are just a few of the photos from our travels. And this is only a tiny fraction! We have many more galleries below for you to look at!

While these images are stunning – we can’t help but say that – there are many, many more never taken. IF you join our trips you can actually experience these for yourself!

Finally, an important note. You will notice that many of the photos here are taken by one person – Lia Barrett. She is an incredible photographer and is a friend to us personally. We can’t adequately express our gratitude for her images. She has joined us several years: from humble day trips to massive expeditions and all done with an great personality and passion for the sea that is rare to find. Please take your time to check out her work Lia Barrett Photography. Or look int he pages of almost any diving magazine.

All images on our pages are copyrighted and may NOT be used without express permission of the creator. Please contact us directly if you wish to use any of these images.