While we have multiple liveboard trips to choose from, you will always find a common theme – great service and a sense of family. Our goal is to offer trips to astounding places with a group of new friends. Our staff all have a passion for the regions we operate in and once you step aboard you will find the warmth and companionship that puts everyone at ease. Our time above the water is divided between relaxing, eating, and activities that bond the groups.

From our Similan Dive Center we offer 3 and 6 day tours. From Komodo we offer 4 and 7 day liveaboard trips. Our Raja Ampat liveaboard is 6 days.

Once you jump in the water, all the worries of the world wash away. So climbing back onto out liveaboards, we aim to keep that sense of serenity going until we part ways. The safety features and extensive training of our staff keep you feeling secure throughout the travels – no matter where they take you.

Boats aren’t very child friendly, steep ladders, high railings, compressors to fill tanks are just some of the visible dangers, but there are numerous hidden dangers too for children. As safety and well being is our first concern, we don’t accept children younger than 10 years old.