Khao Sok Diving

Khao Sok Diving – Among the best diving spots in Thailand?! Similan Islands, Richelieu Rock….Khao Sok Diving?

Yes, the Khao Sok Park is home to a massive man made lake that has some of the most unique diving in Thailand. Giant catfish, caverns, submerged trees and even a sunken village are all under the waters of this vast lake. Above the water we find some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll experience on a dive anywhere in the world – limestone towers and cliffs, jungle vines dropping into the water and monkeys, Tapirs and more.

  • Incredible Scenery
  • Unique Diving environment
  • only small groups – 4 per guide
  • One of the most amazing sunrises…ever!

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A visit to Khao Sok is not simply a “dive trip”, there is plenty of time for kayaking, swimming, a jungle walk or a cave walk if you desire. For those that don’t dive, or if you choose to skip a dive, this is still an incredibly rich experience. Khao Sok is home to deep jungle and you be on a raft floating in the middle of it!! Wake up, grab a kayak and paddle along a cliff while gibbons preen themselves and and this one hour kayak may turn into a whole morning of exploring. As we operate only in small groups with your own guide – a Wicked Staff member on your Khao Sok Diving tour – you will have the freedom to make all this come true.

Khao Sok Lake Diving Tour

These 2 day/1 night trips through Khao Sok are one of the most unique experiences we offer at Wicked Diving. Sleeping in a rafthouse, floating over the tops of trees that were submerged 30 years ago and waking to the sounds of wild gibbons in the nearby cliffs.

Longtails gliding along the waters as you are taken to Khao Sok dive sites that may have never seen a human – ever. This whole area is new and the places to explore are nearly innumerable.

Khao Sok Diving Itinerary – 2 Days/1 Night

We do 2 dives – (usually) one in the afternoon of the first day and one in the morning of the second day. These tend to be cliff dives – no, not diving from clifss – rather diving along huge cliffs that extend from depths of 30 or 40 meters all the way up to 50 or 60 meters above the water. The top of trees float below off into the murky depths with giant catfish and barramundi coming out to witness these new humans. The light here is very unique, not only from the water – but the amazing shadows cast by the huge limestone towers. Your Khao Sok Diving trip will remain a memory long after youhave returned home.

The official name of the lake Rajaprabha artificial lake and it is also known to most people as Chieow Laan. It was completed in 1982. It is located just over 90 miuntes from Khao Lak.

En route there a few spots we like to stop off at – an amazing cave and river, a waterfall, a monkey temple and more. The artificial lake is more than 165 sq. Km in size and consists of hundreds of small fjord-like branches laying among incredible limestone towers and cliffs and offers a vastly different ecosystem than almost any you’ll have dived before. Khao Sok diving consists of numerous uncharted and unnamed sites. If you would like to learn a bit more about Khao Sok

Please note that we need at least 2 guests to do these Khao Sok trips. We have departures every Monday, but are happy to arrange a trip upon request. Due to the unusual nature of the diving and waters, we ask that any divers have 20 or more dives. We do not enter caverns or offer cave/cavern diving during these trips.

2 days / 1 nights Khao Sok Lake Diving
$295 USD

3 Day/2 Nights Khao Sok Lake Diving
$395 USD

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