WWF and Wicked Diving

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Wicked Diving has been awarded the prestigious rating of 3 starfish by the World Wildlife Foundation. Signing Blue Signing Blue is promoting not just responsible but sustainable tourism. A hint of what companies get evaluated on: from taking care of … Continued

Wicked Diving: 10 guidelines to be a responsible diver

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You know that moment when everything just connects? We experienced that this week. We have been researching ways to reduce our footprint. And have been implementing many changes in the way we run our Komodo liveaboard. One thing that has … Continued

The Wicked Way

Wicked diving Komodo - our wicked good graduates

When I joined Wicked Diving Komodo in October, two female Dive guides were on the verge of getting certified. Intan, from the nearby village of Warloka (a former trading post, and home to unique 4,000 yr old megaliths) and Mersi … Continued


Similan Liveaboard or 5 new open water divers

This outing we hosted a full boat of dive professionals from Big Blue in Koh Tao.  They were a fun bunch, and the sun deck and canopied lounge were often lively with socializing, and the evening beer fridge needed frequent … Continued

A Wicked Divemaster training experience

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When I started making my research about where to go for my divemaster training, like most of us I had to consider the many things that it involves from lifestyle to cost of living and the people I would be … Continued

WD2 – Adventures in the Similan Islands

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With the Wicked Diving Thailand crew feeling back in the swing of things it was time for the Marriner to set sail to the Similan Islands for the second time this season.

Playing The Victim

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There’s a role in dive training that often goes under-appreciated. Despite being a fairly quiet, relatively unskilled and often very passive role, the impact it can have on training is enormous. I’m referring to playing the role of a dive … Continued

WD1 – The perfect way to start the season

It’s the first trip of the new season, our boat, the Mariner, has been spruced up and there’s a sense of excitement on board. The boat staff, dive staff and guests can’t wait to set sail and see what the … Continued

Discover the Sharks of Komodo and Help us Protect them

Sharks of Komodo

As a part of our commitment to ethical diving and efforts to preserve the underwater world that humbles and amazes us, Wicked Diving has run special shark education trips on our liveaboard trips. Shark education liveaboards are designed to inform … Continued

Best Komodo Liveaboard Small Group Tour

Best Komodo Liveaboard Small group tour

The best way to explore Komodo with a small group of friends or as a family wishing to experience Komodo at your own pace is to join the best Komodo Liveaboard small group tour. Designed for a maximum of eight … Continued