Wicked Diving: 10 guidelines to be a responsible diver

You know that moment when everything just connects?

We experienced that this week. We have been researching ways to reduce our footprint. And have been implementing many changes in the way we run our Komodo liveaboard. One thing that has inspired us is Project Aware’s 10 steps to be a responsible dive center. We are looking for even more ideas to improve…we want your feedback.

10 steps for responsible diving

#1 Be a buoyancy expert
Our guest are certified divers, so there is a fine line on how much teaching we do on our Liveaboards. In the safety briefing we address buoyancy, dump valve usage, currents and of course no touching. We stress that we, the dive guides, are facilitators and are available for tips and tricks on buoyancy control. Our experience is that most of you do ask us for some fine tuning.

#2 Be a role model
Our guides are proud to be working at Wicked Diving, and proud to show you the wonders of their National Park. Therefore being an ocean ambassador and protecting their homes in Komodo, Raja Ampat and Thailand comes naturally.

#3 Take photos, leave bubbles
We love sharing the many crazy critters and the magnificent wildlife Komodo has to offer. Have a look at our Instagram and share the wonders of diving Komodo with us.

#4 Protect underwater life
We protect what we love. And we share what we see. Join us, be a citizen scientist and report your manta sightings to Manta Watch.

Save our mantas the manta factsheet
Manta Fact Sheet
Manta ID shot
The manta’s belly is like a perfect finger print


#5 Be a debris activist
For many, many years we have been organising beach cleanups within the Komodo National Park. We give our guest the option to join in, when we happen to go and watch the sunset from a viewpoint. And you always do! This year we are proud to see that other tour groups started joining in our cleanups, and lately they even organise their own.

Buy green, buy local and buy less
Wicked buys locally. All our fresh produce is from the Labuan Bajo area. In working with our suppliers we have now come to an agreement to get our supplies delivered in recyclable boxes, our laundry is transferred in big reusable canvas bags. We try to minimize our plastic usage, by buying bulk. You can too – bring your own shopping bag from home instead of using the plastic supplied at many local shops. This helps reduce the waste produced…and makes the beach clean-ups even easier 😉

#6 Make responsible seafood choices
Wicked Diving is the first Sea Shepherd certified dive center in Indonesia and do not serve fish on our vessels.

#7 Take Action
In the last week we took part in ‘Our Ocean Conference 2018’ held in Bali. This yearly event is a melting pot of industry influencers; 1900 participants, 200 NGOs from 37 countries, including six state leaders . Our very own Wicked Good Manager and Community Activist Marta Muslin attended. This lady has been advocating waste-, water-, and energy management in Labuan Bajo, Flores and the greater Republic of Indonesia for more than a decade. Congratulations on receiving the Green Future Leadership award Marta!

Marta Muslin, Wicked Good Manager, receiving the Green Future Leadership Award
Marta Muslin, Wicked Good Manager, receiving the Green Future Leadership Award

#8 Be an Eco tourist
Our dive guides are from Flores Island, they are the culture – they are the local community. We support our trainees by offering English language training and dive training. The people from Flores are proud of their heritage and will love to share their culture with you. When you dive with us, you make a difference.

#9 Shrink your carbon footprint
Recycling has not been possible in Labuan Bajo, it was just something that did not exist. Wicked Good, in cooperation with the local government has now set up a recycling station.

#10 Give back
We assist in building and maintaining artificial coral reefs in the area. This is part of our company philosophy and is embedded in our divemaster training program. We dedicate 2% of all our revenues to this, and similar programs. You are directly contributing to these programs by choosing Wicked Diving. For more information have a look at Wicked Good Foundation

What do you think about our responsible diver philosophy?
Do you have tips for us, how we can become more responsible? Please join us on Facebook, let’s open up the conversation on conservation.