Best Komodo Liveaboard Small Group Tour

The best way to explore Komodo with a small group of friends or as a family wishing to experience Komodo at your own pace is to join the best Komodo Liveaboard small group tour. Designed for a maximum of eight divers, our boat is intimate and personal.

Best Komodo Liveaboard Small group tour

Komodo National Park is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site of vast, pristine reefs filled with hundreds of species of fish and coral. Known for manta rays and reef sharks, it is one of the most exotic and diverse environments on Earth. For four days and three nights, you will explore the best dive sites and swim with a variety of marine life.

The Best Komodo Liveaboard Around
The view from a Komodo Liveaboard, it doesn’t get any better than this!

If you are interested in a custom journey, we also offer charters for longer periods of time and unique itineraries. The beauty of your surroundings is already breathtaking, but when you choose your crew as a close group of friends or family, the trip takes on a new level of intimacy and unforgettable memory.

Best Komodo Liveaboard Small group tour

Your trip might include snorkeling in small bays and land based adventures. With a custom trip and a small boat, it is entirely up to you! Komodo is home to the renowned Komodo dragon, as well as beautiful waterfalls and excellent hiking. We also offer kayaking pristine bays as a part of your liveaboard adventure!

Best Komodo Liveaboard Small group tour
Enjoying waterfalls in Komodo

Our partners, Wicked Adventures run an inspiring non-profit called Wicked Good. As a part of your trip, you may wish to visit their very own turtle sanctuary or engage with local communities. Wicked Good is committed to sustainable tourism and supports local projects such as wildlife research and conservation projects, ecotourism guide training, English language instruction, traditional farming and home building techniques, beach clean-ups, and internship programs for future Wicked tour guides.

Best Komodo Liveaboard Small group tour

Dive with Wicked on the best Komodo Liveaboard small group tour and give back to the community while gathering a treasure chest of experience to share for years to come!