Totally Awesome DMT Course!

When I was excitedly boarding my flight to head for Wicked six weeks ago I was told to watch out because time flies in the blink of an eye….. Well try as I might I must have blinked at some point because the our dive master training is already coming to a close! It amazes me to look back at our first week here and compare it where we are as we finish our last week. We have all learned and improved an insane amount. We went from falling off the boat trying to moor it up and getting lost in the blue looking for the artificial reef to finding a juvenile starry night octopus in the sand and mapping out the entirety of Boonsung Wreck.

It’s been forty days of hard work that sometimes seemed to go on forever, but it was worth every second of it. During our time here we were able to witness the overwhelming beauty of the Similan & Surin Marine Parks. We have seen manta rays, whale sharks, and false killer whales. While guiding we were able to find treasures like the nudibranch, seahorses, and pipefish. To top all that off we continually saw heaps of shrimp, trigger fish, bat fish, lion fish, you name it! But best of all, during our time here, we were able to meet a ton of wonderful people.

1 False Killer Whales I False Killer Whales II

The guests that came to Wicked during our time as DMTs filled the boat with a powerful energy that would make us smile even on the most tiresome of days. The staff, especially our instructor Alex, was always encouraging and constructive as we made the transition from fun divers to professional divers. It was not always an easy road – there were times where you couldn’t help but feel exhausted or frustrated but in the end it was all worth it. I think a very loud CONGRATS!!!! to the newest Wicked Dive Masters is in order. And to the next set of Wicked DMTs ….. Be prepared to have a hard but TOTALLY AWESOME six weeks! From the old DMTs to the new ones, we wish you the best of luck!