Similan Diving Trip Report: Whale Shark and more great diving

Where has the season gone? Can anyone tell me!? I feel like it was just yesterday I was writing up a blog report from our 8th trip of the season!

 viewpoint -
Similan Islands #8

Well, what I do know is that we are currently on our 42nd trip of the season, and with just 11 guests on board with us, we are making the most of everything, especially the short queues for our delicious meals!

8 of our 11 guests have just completed the first 3 days of their trip with us at Surin National Park, and are now are enjoying the Similans portion of their trip. Welcome back Chris, Mike, Ralph, James, Amedeo, Michael, Maurizio and Wendi. And our new editions for this trip are Sara, Patrik, and Alysia. Trip leader Colin, accompanied by his dive dream team Dan, Claire, and myself, Christa. As for the best crew in Thailand, we have with us Captain Wit, P Da, P Lek, P Moo (filling in for P tow, and what a stand up job he is doing!) P Dew and D top. Without these guys, the magic of the Mariner just wouldn’t be complete!

We had a really relaxing first evening, cruising out to the Similan Islands. An excellent dinner, as per usual, and a pretty early night had by all!

The following morning started at Anita’s reef. And if any of you have read any of our blogs in the past, you will know that Anita’s is definitely our favourite spot to do our check (first) dive of the trip. Something that made this first dive at Anita’s reef even more special this morning is that one of our guests, my student Patrik, took his first breathes EVER, in the sea today. What a perfect introduction to the underwater world! The first thing he said upon surfacing was “Wow, I have no words. It really is a whole new world.” Beautiful Patrik, I think that you and diving will be great friends in no time. Colin had his super power eyes working in full force, and found his guests a robust ghost pipe fish and a snake eel. Wicked!

As it so happens, today is April fools day, and we thought that it would be only fair to pull a little prank on our trip leader, Colin. We decided to change our trip schedule, with all of our briefings, and staff duties on it, to a whole 3 days list with just his name on it!!! The day is not over yet, so we might have a few more tricks up our sleeves… 😉

The rest of the day included many diving treats including Octopus, banded sea krates, cool nudi branchs, scorpion fish, turtles viewed from the surface and so much more. We also had a beach visit and there was about 20 people involved in a beach clean!! So awesome.

The following day was filled with smiles and our spirits were high. We were enjoying some of the best dive sites that Similans have to offer, enjoyed a snorkel clean up in between dives, and ate plenty of delicious food. We were lucky enough to see an Eagle ray, White tip shark, banded snake eel, turtles and Colin was able to track down a soft coral cowrie that he had been trying to find again!

And on our 3rd and final day of the trip, we were in for a BIG surprise… Our second dive at Koh Bon was spectacular! With plenty of hunting action by trevallies, tunas, rainbow runners, we also spotted a beautiful Marbled sting ray, sea snakes, octopus, nudis and…… a WHALE SHARK!!!! Woo Hoo! Such a perfect finale 🙂

This season has been truly magical. We have been sooooo blessed with so many rare, unique and beautiful creatures. Thank you everyone on trip 42 for sharing the magic with us.

Big hugs from Colin, Claire, Dan, and Christa xoxo