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When you dive with Wicked Diving, you choose to make a difference. We pride ourselves for our community projects and ethicality. Our foundation Wicked Good needs your help with its donation appeal below.

These are crazy times aren’t they? At this point – we all know the virus is there and has affected almost every aspect of our world. Almost every continent and country has been affected. Almost certainly each of us is directly impacted in one form or another.

However, we are not asking for help with our business. We are asking for help in the community. With tourism shut down, there is no income. In Flores/Komodo a whole generation has grown up entirely dependent on tourism. This was already a marginal area, with very few other employment options available. Now it has become a crisis. We have done all we can to aid and assist in providing for our own staff and their families, but the whole region is struggling. The lack of tourism has impacted every industry and most families.

This has gone from an inconvenience to a disaster. Most parents are unable to provide for their children. We can make a difference, and so can you. 50USD/40EUR can actually provide the basic necessities for a family of 4 for one month! This essentials care package is made up of rice, noodles, eggs, cooking oil, cabbage, soap and drinking water.

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More about Wicked Diving…

Wicked Diving is not your ordinary dive center. We fiercely believe in making a positive impact each day…from the ecologically friendly products used on our boats & shops to the community based training programs we undertake. We were the first dive center in both Thailand and Indonesia to have a responsible tourism policy and we continue to pioneer socially responsible action in the tourism industry.

Founded in 2006 by two dive instructors with 4 sets of equipment in Khao Lak, Thailand – we have evolved and grown. We are now based in Komodo, Indonesia from where we base our Liveaboard, diving safaris and our own non-profit undertakes extensive training in the local communities. We also work with our partners to arrange the best liveaboard trips in Raja Ampat and the Similan Islands.  We also spend part of every year exploring new locations and doing expeditions – this year undertaking an Amazing 1200km journey from Ambon to Raja Ampat

Wicked Diving does not do special “beach clean-up days” once a year. Every day is a beach clean-up for us. We always maintain a “no impact” dive ethic, preserving our dive sites for all future scuba divers. You will never see gloves on our divers, fish-feeding is also discouraged and we even have safety equipment of European Standards.
Our goal is to work within our local communities to create a stewardship of the seas. Wicked diving is the first certified Sea Shepherd Dive center in Thailand and Indonesia. The first liveaboard in Indonesia to supply reef safe sunscreens to all our guest on the Komodo Liveaboard. And we have been awarded by WWF, with three starfish for our continuous effort of operating an ethical dive company.
Finally – we are not into the “macho” diving thing – we like fish and would rather spend a longer time underwater than go deeper. This is about your experience!