Meet the Team

And here’s our Wicked Staff. This is where a short intro would go…
  • Paul Landgraver

    Founder and Managing Director Wicked Diving

    Paul’s background in customer service, diving safety and a visceral passion for coping in chaotic situations have all helped shape the foundation of Wicked Diving.

    Meet Paul Landgraver
  • Keith Angles

    Operations Manager Thailand

    Keith is Tall and english. He sings in a band.

    Meet Keith Angles
  • Koen De Wit

    Booking Coordinator

    Another one of the owners who works mostly behind the scenes – Koen “K” prefers to keep our guests happy and information clear and concise. So all your bookings, emails and requests go directly through him! His passion for diving, … Continued

    Meet Koen De Wit
  • Kevin Burds

    The main man in Komodo – overseeing our dive center, boats and logistics. He still has time to dance the electric boogaloo like no one has ever seen. While often doubted, he is part fish and needs to be immersed … Continued

    Meet Kevin Burds