Wicked Diving: the best Komodo Liveaboard Around

What is it really like to cast your “normal life” to the wind and join the best Komodo liveaboard with Wicked Diving for three or four days?

The best Komodo Liveaboard Around
Peaceful living on a Komodo Liveaboard.

Life at sea is almost a parallel reality. Everything else falls away as you find yourself in a world of unprecedented beauty and infinite options for exploration.

Komodo National Park is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site of vast, pristine reefs filled with hundreds of species of fish and coral. It is one of the most exotic and diverse environments on Earth. Rich in large pelagics like sharks and manta rays, as well as the colorful micro world of nudibranchs and seahorses.

The Best Komodo Liveaboard Around
The view from a Komodo Liveaboard, it doesn’t get any better than this!

In a place of dramatic drop offs, huge sea fans, impressive walls, and swim throughs that beckon you as though entering the door of a secret garden, the spectrum of wonder you might spot is as vast as there are dive sites in Komodo. There is the Cauldron, for example, characterized by leaf scorpion fish, fields of garden eels, white tip and black tip reef sharks and giant sweetlips.

You might spot brown banded bamboo sharks, white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, huge bumphead parrotfish schools, green, hawksbill and olive ridley turtles and trevally and tuna in action hunting and corralling schools of fish. Night dives offer a glimpse into a whole new world, one with ornate ghost pipefish, sea snakes, tiny octopus, scorpionfish, lionfish, morays and a spectrum of nudibranchs and crabs. One trip even graced divers with a baby whale shark. Even the marine life must know this is the best Komodo Liveaboard around!

The Best Komodo Liveaboard Around
Shining a light on Komodo’s beauty

Your sleeping bunk is a window into an ever changing scene of beauty. Each morning you awaken to a new scene at sea and a delicious meal to energize you for a day of diving. Relaxing surface intervals between dives are time for you to spend as you wish…join a beach trip, take a nap, snorkel in the calm bays, or snack on the array of delights available on board. Our staff has the knowledge to share about what to do in Komodo and all the top dive sites of Komodo National Park.

Wicked Diving is an ethical dive company, we believe that we can and are making a better world. To be the best Komodo Liveaboard around, it is important to “walk our talk”. We endeavor to ensure that all products on board are locally sourced and environmentally sustainable. Two percent of our revenue goes towards our non-profit Wicked Good, which supports local communities and ecosystems. We are committed to sustainable employment for local communities and we practice “low impact diving”, leaving no footprint and taking only photographs. We offer tips on buoyancy so that divers do not bump into living coral and we do not encourage any touching of animals. You can learn more about the projects and communities we support on our Ethical Diving page.

The best Komodo Liveaboard Around
Manta Alley in Komodo

For the experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to give back to the future, join us on a Komodo Liveaboard. You will witness wonders the imagination cannot fathom and see for yourself why this is such a critical treasure to preserve for the future.